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Why is it the one time a really great opportunity comes your way, you have to turn it down? How can you be so close to grabbing the brass ring, only to have to let it pass you by?

I'm at the carwash, thinking about nothing, and a woman is worrying to her friend: "I just don't know what to do. My boss is pushing me for an answer: am I taking the position out of state, am I not – and I still don’t know what to tell him." "It's a great opportunity," her friend replies. "I know" the woman says, "I'd jump at the chance if I were still single, but with the kids in school and my husband's business finally getting off the ground, I can't leave!" "Well," her friend says, "You know what they say – opportunity knocks but once!"

Hardly! Opportunity knocks over and over again. Opportunity knocks every time you open a new door, explore a new avenue. When you believe that opportunity knocks but once, you make decisions based on fear. And that's not good.

Instead, ask yourself, how could you create a similar opportunity for yourself to what your boss is offering – right here, where you are now – maybe with a different company? Or how could you make the position your boss is offering work for you by commuting once a month for a couple of days, and doing the majority of your work from a home office?

Don't buy into the myth that opportunities are few and far between. Get creative and you'll discover -  opportunities abound!

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