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"OOOOO Baby!" A Guy's Guide to Using the Language of Love

It is a scientific fact that women are more language oriented than men. This perhaps explains why we tend to be so turned on by talk; words just have a way of getting to us.There have been so many songs and poems written by men, to women, to express their deep and abiding desire and love. From Shakespeare to Wordsworth to Robert Blake, to the sultry lyrics of popular R and B singers Trey Soundz or Robin Thicke, men have been using the jargon of love, sex and desire, to sway the heads and hearts of women.

Some words used are delicate and flowery like those you would find on a Hallmark card while others are clear and forthright, reminding a girl in no uncertain terms of why she’s wanted or needed. Then there are those hot, steamy and sensuous words, designed to create that auto-response in a woman that will usually lead a guy to candy land; if that’s what the girl wants that is.

Whatever the case, there is no doubt that the right words spoken or written and shared, can have a tremendous effect on a girl, and guys know this. I personally believe that deep in every woman’s heart is a desire to be told that she is beautiful and desirable. There is a part of our brains that definitely connects our sense of worth with the words spoken to and about us. A woman’s response to amorous words is, however, not as automatic as some guys might expect. That’s where we women become completely complicated and unpredictable. We don’t all drop like flies because you decide to spray us with the choicest lingo. A woman’s response is shaped by a number of pertinent factors.

First off the bat; does she love or even like the guy trying to language his way into her heart or her “you know what”? Has she ever been actively pursued by a male or are these words a whole new world to her? Has she led a conservative or sheltered lifestyle and would she therefore be shocked by certain “terms of reference”? Is she a good girl gone bad? Is she a good girl with every intention of remaining good and getting even better? Does she normally throw all caution to the wind the second a guy even looks her way? And if that guy happens to be her husband, does she trust and believe him or does she feel used and manipulated by his words? Does she feel valued as a whole person? Does she understand or is she aware of the power and impact of her own sexuality on the men around her? Does she even care?


When it comes to impressing a woman, there are no guarantees. There is a lot of background static that could either erect roadblocks or perhaps provide assistance, for a smooth course to her heart. If a guy, however, is to use words to attempt to win a girl over, then there are a couple of things he must first recognize and practice:

• Never lump all females into the same mold; the word-tricks and smooth talk which you used with Suzy in high school won’t put a dent in the armor of the professional woman you’re trying to impress.
• Never deliver well known crappy lines like “heaven must be missing an angel” or ‘I’ll give you my heart and work off of batteries”.
• Make deep eye contact when you attempt to woo with words to convey that those words are at least coming from your heart.
• Use your eyes without being overly intrusive; give the lady some space.
• Make sure your breath is absolutely fresh (brush, floss, gargle); “sweet” words from a stink mouth just won’t do.
• Be original; find something you really like about the woman you’re trying to win and tell her so.
• Yes, they may be in your face but try hard not to ogle a woman’s breasts when talking to her (except you’re really, really short and not at eye level).
• Talk intelligently; even if you’re intimidated by her beauty and poise, try not to show it.
• Even if you falter over words, most decent, worthwhile girls will find this endearing and won’t laugh at you behind your back.
• If the woman is well known to you (like your wife or long time girlfriend) hold and caress her hand while looking deeply into her eyes; this will heighten the connection between you.
• Try not to be premature in terms of the “depth” of your expression; if you’ve just met the lady for heaven’s sake, don’t tell her that she’s the one you’ve been waiting for your whole life (tacky, tacky, tacky)
• Read the woman accurately, as in draw upon all of your instincts to assess the “girl-type”; in other words, don’t try for the shock effect; if the girl appears shy or conservative, match “word-type” with “girl-type” where possible
• Since all men appear to have a one-track mind which is skewed in one well known direction, think, pause and breathe deeply before speaking; are you sure you really want to tell her what’s on your mind?
• If this woman is your wife, be free to get as hot and juicy as your own comfort level will allow; if you want a wild and uninhibited lover, then you must also be prepared to be one with your words.
• Even if the woman you approach appears “liberated” and willing to try anything (including you); surprise her with words and an attitude which conveys respect for her womanhood, who knows, she just might “wise up” and view herself as more than a sex-object.
• See a woman as a whole person with all types of wants and needs; try to avoid seeing her as just a living, breathing vagina which needs to be “sexed” by you; this understanding will perhaps influence how you decide to use words to win a woman’s interest.

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