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Not Sweet: Low Blood Sugar May Damage Marriage

New research out of The Ohio State University studied 107 married couples, using voodoo dolls to track how angry spouses felt toward each other for three weeks. Every night before bed and every morning the couples would have their blood glucose measured (i.e., blood sugar level). Those who poked the voodoo doll most to express their anger toward their spouse were those with the lowest glucose levels. In addition to the voodoo dolls, the couples played computer games where the winner was allowed to blast awful noises at their spouse--like nails on a chalkboard and a dentist drill--as loud as they wanted. Again, those with the lowest glucose levels demonstrated the harshest behavior of blasting the noises loudest. 

The researchers told Time magazine that there could be several reasons for the way people with various glucose levels respond, but added that blood sugar levels, "should be considered part of the constellation of factors that can contribute to marital strife." Moreover, researcher Brad Bushman added, "If couples have something to talk to their spouse about, they should do it over dinner, or better yet, after dinner." 

New marriage rule: Never fight on an empty stomach! 

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