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My Wife Is Not Sure She Likes The Kids Playing Video Games


Ok, let me be the first to admit that maybe we have a little too many video games in the house. For example, we have 2 Nintendo 3DS's, 2 PlayStation 3's (we had a third but we gave one away), 1 PlayStation 4, and an X-Box 360 plus a couple of tablets and a couple of computers all of which the kids will also to use to download gaming apps. In the use of these games I monitor my kids performance in school, their outside play, their cognition skills, and their social capabilities and so on, and I can't seem to find a valid argument as to why the games could be turning them into the the hermit monsters that some mainstream media might persuade you to believe. In fact, for every case of video games being the blame for some undesirable behavior, I can find proof of the the opposite. For example just recently in the Afghanistan War I know the father of a fighter pilot that is a well decorated Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force who is in disbelief because he said all his son did before the Air Force was play video games. Also, our kids are boy scouts and they attend regularly as well as many other community activities with other kids their age that they enjoy. I wonder if any of you ever had that conversation with your spouse about the kids and their video games and I would like to know what did you agree on?

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Comment by Vincent Ugwu on June 8, 2014 at 9:33am

Raising kids are delicate matter that it should be handled with caution. The video games your children are playing , are there things they are learning from them? Therefore ensure that you are in full control of the video game your children play. You do that by ensuring that no video game is brought into your house you didn't provide for them.

Moreover, ensure you carry your wife along, let her go through the video games and remove the ones she feel is not proper your kids to play. In addition, let her tell you her reasons why she is opposed to the video games. May be she may have a strong point. Personally, i allow my wife to decide the video games my kids should play.   

Comment by Anthony Smith on June 8, 2014 at 3:35pm

Great Points Vincent! In my book Successfully Married you can identify with how supporting your wife is the key to happiness and this is also evident is the co-decision making process for raising children. On another note, I have been contemplating a similar idea. In my home I am the expert in our media access. From the internet, to gaming, to even the television. You would be surprised at how many people still do not know how to monitor and secure these things. I was wondering what is considered the point of going to far to shelter the children from reality? What I mean is; What is the difference from buying a child a Nerf dart gun and Call of Duty video game? What is the difference between a plastic sword and a paint ball gun? They all psychologically have underlying violence tones to them, but ordinary people have always played with some type of toy weapon as kids; even us. Do not get me wrong, there are clearly some things that are totally unacceptable for children to be exposed to, but let's face it, kids don't play outside as much as they used to, the internet has made our world smaller and our children have learned a lot more than we have at a younger age. Telling my kids they cant play war games and then allow them to have any type of toy weapon is kinda like sending a mixed message. I think a huge part of handling this situation is spending most of my time managing their behavior rather than the games. What do any you think of this?   


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