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My Husband Wants a Divorce – Is it too Late to Save My Marriage?

“I can’t believe this is happening to me”, my friend Rachel thought while sitting on the sofa with her husband John. Her heart was pounding and her face was turning pale as she heard him saying “I want a divorce.”

She was unable to speak. Her head was spinning and was too overwhelmed to cry. She just sat there listening to him telling her – “I just can’t go on like this anymore. Our marriage is over.”

He had already gone to work when she was able to speak again. “My husbnad wants a divorce” she told me over the phone, still in complete shock. “I knew things weren’t perfect but I can’t believe he wants to end 10 years of marriage just like that. I always thought we can get through anything together. We used to be best friends. What happened? Should I convince him to stay? I have no idea what to do now, it feels like my entire life is about to fall into this black hole. What do I do NOW?”

 “He Said He Doesn’t Love Me Anymore”

“No one wakes up in the morning, drinks coffee and suddenly decides he wants a divorce, I said to her.”It’s a result of a process, usually a very long process of unresolved issues, neglected needs and finally a total communication breakdown“...

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