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My Husband Cheated – Kick Him Out or Give Him Another Chance?

“Pack his things and throw them out the window or just burn them in the backyard?

Kill him with my bare hands or use a baseball bat?”

I’ll bet these are the first thoughts of any woman who just found out her spouse has been or still is cheating on her.

Nothing abnormal about that.

Than comes the real shock. The unbelievable rage. The thoughts of revenge. The devastation. The anxiety. The feeling that the life you know has been sucked into a black hole.

And finally comes the hopelessness. The worst feeling of all.

My Husband Cheated – The Ultimate Deal Breaker?

Every bone in your body tells you that cheating is the ultimate deal breaker in a marriage. How can you ever trust him again after he has done this to you? How could he cheat and claim he loves you? How could he play you for a fool and compulsively lie to you?

How could he take the risk of destroying your family? the life that you built together?

What Stops You From Throwing Him Out Right Now?

In reality, most married women (especially with kids) do not act on their fantasy and immediately throw their cheating husbands to the curb....


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