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Married Lawmaker Accidentally Talks Affair on Camera and Live Mic

I know! Another political sex scandal. Michael Duvall, a Republican state representative from Orange County, California was waiting for a meeting to start when he began discussing his sexual exploits and infidelity with a neighbor. The problem was that the camera for the meeting was rolling and his microphone was on. This report (click here), says this meeting took place roughly three months ago--why did it take so long for this to surface? What's particularly egregious about this incident is that Duvall is an outspoken champion of "family values" and his mistress, Heidi DeJong Barsuglia, is a lobbyist for an energy company, Sempra Energy. Can you guess what Duvall oversees? He is the vice chair of the Committee on Utilities & Commerce. During the recorded conversation, Duvall was explicit with his descriptions and also revealed an affair with a second woman. Thankfully for the citizens of Orange County, Duvall quickly resigned his position. When will the hypocrisy stop? This story will be around for a while, it'll be interesting to watch the fallout. What are your thoughts?

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