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It is presumed that people decide to get married because they love each other and want to spend their lives together.  In theory there would be no need to document such an arrangement except for the fact that the arrangement would not be recognized legally.  Thus marriage is a joint venture based in legal doctrine.   A license and documents signed by some “legal authority” are necessary before a marriage is “recognized” as valid.  Marriage then, is a contract designed to assign legal responsibility to both parties for the duration of the relationship, and thus, couples need to recognize that a marriage is an entity just like a small business.  And as with any business deal there are always questions that need to be addressed before any contact is signed.  It is the same for couples contemplating marriage.  Questions should be asked and answered before anyone says, “I do”.

When you incorporate a small business you legally give it its own identity.  A marriage license does the same thing for your relationship.  And just as you do with a small business, you have to develop, nurture, and protect your marriage.  The two people in the marriage become the managers responsible for jointly attending to those things that keep the marriage strong and healthy.  Where people mess up is that they aren’t committed to managing the marriage.  They can deal with the “fun” stuff, but are unwilling to deal with the “hard” stuff.  Guidelines about how the marriage will operate aren't discussed.    Expectations aren't expressed.  When there is no commitment to manage the marriage; when there are no clearly defined rules and roles; when expectations aren’t clear; when both partners aren’t “hands-on” in managing the marriage, it will soon cease to exist.

Marriage can be one of the most fulfilling things you ever do in life.  To share your days with someone who truly wants to share their days with you can bring you the most joy that you will ever experience.  You have to be committed to the marriage, and be willing to put forth the effort to make and keep it successful.  Just like a business.

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