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Husband Gives Wife First-Ever Mosquito-Born STD

When you're a researcher going on excursions in the name of science, you know that your spouse must be an understanding person. For Brian Foy, his wife deserves her own excursion that comes with cocktails poolside. Foy and his research partner, Kevin Kobylinski, were in West Africa researching malaria in 2008. Both were bitten numerous times and became ill, which included: extreme fatigue, headaches, painfully swollen joints, and even painful urination. A couple weeks later, Foy's wife began to experience similar symptoms. What they came down with is known as Zika, an obscure pathogen. A report in Science magazine notes that there's no direct evidence that Foy's wife was infected through sexual contact, but the circumstantial evidence is strong. For starters, the virus has to complete a 2-week life cycle within the insect before it can infect the next human; Foy's wife fell ill just 9 days after his return—and as Foy's research paper put it, they had vaginal sexual intercourse in the days after he returned home, but before the onset of his clinical illness.


The good news is that the symptoms started receding within about a week for all who got sick. We know how their future arguments will go, "Remember that time when you gave me the first-ever recorded Zika STD…?"


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