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What is it about men and household chores? Why is it that guys can remember every bit of sports trivia known to man, but can’t remember to mow the lawn or fix the doorbell without being reminded 50 times?

You really don’t get it. If you see something that needs doing around the house, you just do it. But when it comes to your husband’s end of things, the chores and whatever fixing he's agreed to do, he can go weeks ignoring the thing. He’ll walk by that same bag of garbage day after day and never take it out. The lawn has to be practically waist-high before he'll get around to it, if then! But when you complain, your husband says “Hey, all you have to do is ask.” And it's true, when you ask, he does whatever it is you want.

But you get really tired of asking for the same things to be done over and over again. And you wonder, is it possible, is there a way to get him to take notice of things that need doing and do them - without your prompting?

Probably not! You see, different things are important to different people. To a lot of guys, getting the oil changed on their cars has all the significance of a religious ritual. Never would they forget to do that. To many women, changing the oil is "whenever." Instead of focusing on how miserable you are that he can't or won't read your mind, think about how lucky you are that he will do chores when asked!

The more you focus on what you do have with your partner rather than resenting what you don’t have, the better your relationship will be.

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