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How to Transform Your Cold and Distant Spouse to the Sharing and Caring Man of Your Dreams

At some point, almost every woman in a long-term relationship finds herself looking for the adoring man who used to be her best friend. The sharing and caring man who really SAW the amazing woman he has right in front of him and treated her like a princess.

Do you remember this man? Do you wonder where did he go? And who is this cold, distant, uninterested and uncaring creature that took his place?

You may think I am crazy, but I am telling you right now that you have the power to make your man realize that you are the only woman that he will ever want – And treat you accordingly.

You can stop wondering if your relationship will last.

You can easily get him to open up and share how he really feels.

You can make him WANT to be there for you when you need him. Without judging, just listening and holding you close.

You can make YOU his top priority, over everything and anyone else.

How to Make Him WANT and Love You More Than Ever

There are a few fairly easy ways to get the romance, passion and love back to your relationship – Without begging, drama and manipulation.

Without losing weight, changing the way you look, faking or pretending.

Without doing anything that isn’t YOU.

The Secret Triggers

I’ve learned about men’s secret triggers in a new book by licensed therapist Randy E. Bennett.

(This book is NOTHING like the popular relationship books you may have seen…or even tried…)

These triggers are hardwired into your man. And when you really them, you can make him WAKE UP and tune into you, above anything and anyone else.

Simply put (and this is pure science by the way), your man’s brain has automatic switches that respond to certain things.

By using a certain set of words and phrases – You can change the way he responds to anything and make him SEE you, LISTEN to you and UNDERSTAND  you – Without trying to fix you.

I have to admit that knowing about these triggers has allowed me to really understand what makes a man tick – For the first time in my life.

I realized that I don’t have to walk on eggshells in my home.

And I don’t have to be skinnier, prettier or younger.

Here are 3 of more than a dozen triggers I’ve learned about in Randy E. Bennett’s “How to Melt Your Man’s Heart“:

  1. Acknowledging his efforts – There must a few things that he’s doing right, right? Gove him credit for them. Do it verbally – “I see what you did here and I appreciate it”. You get MORE of what you notice…so notice the good!
  2. Unite against a common enemy – Successful teams view a problem as being OUTSIDE of them. Uniting against a common “enemy” (for example – Your inconsiderate neighbor) can bring you closer together – Fast.
  3. Speak your mind – Men do not want to GUESS what a woman thinks. Speak your mind with respect, rationality and confidence. For example, instead of building up anger, resentment and depression over him not offering a helping hand around the house, look in his eyes and tell him how hard it is for you. Ask him for help, without accusing, blaming and offending.

When you get the full book, which I wholeheartedly recommend, you’ll see how to use these triggers and many more.

These triggers are a double edged sword. Every time you “blow it” and set off a secret trigger that pushes him away, you wind up feeling more lonely, misunderstood, angry and depressed.

I guarantee that if you follow the advice in “Melt Your Man’s Heart“, you will begin to INSTANTLY see changes in the way your man treats you.

And if you keep it up, you WILL be the only woman he will ever want. A woman that is respected, admired and loved, just like you used to be.

Can you afford to NOT at least try, before it’s too late?

Rooting for ya,


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