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How to Roast a Turkey on Your Car Engine

It's pretty standard that the hosting house makes the turkey since it takes so long, but USA Today has offered some instructions on how traveling guests can bring their own roasted turkey. Excerpted from Manifold Destiny (Simon and Schuster Paperbacks, $14), you can also learn how to make "Prius Pork," "Impressive Veal Impreza" and "Ford F-150 Hot Texas Wieners." We haven't read the book, but my question is how you fit the turkey under the hood? In a Prius, for example, there's not much room under the hood and if you wanted to sit and idle with a turkey on the engine, the combustion engine turns on and off--that's the whole point of the hybrid system. I guess these questions are answered in the book. We do have a recipe for "To Grandmother's House Road Turkey:"
1 Boneless turkey breast, about five pounds, sliced into thin strips against the grain 3 large baking potatoes, peeled and diced

3 carrots, finely diced

Dry white wine

Flour for dredging

Butter for greasing foil

Salt and pepper to taste

Three-quarters cup heavy cream

1. At home, combine the turkey, potatoes and carrots into a bowl with the wine and cover. Marinate two hours in the refrigerator, then drain well (and don't drink the wine). Setting the vegetables aside, dredge the turkey pieces in flour, then heavily butter five large squares of foil. Arrange equal amounts of turkey and vegetables in each square, and season with sale and pepper as desired. Cup the foil around the turkey and vegetables, and pour over each serving as much heavy cream as you can without making a soupy mess, then seal carefully.

2. Cook on the engine about four hours, turning once. We're assuming grandmother doesn't live in the next town.
Let us know if you try this!

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