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How to combine family life, work and your hobbies? Part 1

Every person in life needs time to three things: work, family, and hobbies. Unfortunately, the focus on these areas at the same time is not possible, especially if you are the father of a family. But achieving a balance between them is real. Here are some pieces of advice about that.

Family guy is familiar with this state: you work yourself out at work, but family gets offended because of lack of attention, you try to spend more time with your family, but forget about your own hobbies. We assure that you can build your life to successfully combine work, family, and hobbies without any problems. 

1. Sit down together at the table at least once a day

Try to keep exceptions were rare. Can you have dinner together? Make every effort to drink a yogurt before going to bed at the same table. Due to a family meal in children updated vocabulary and develops emotional stability.

2. Arrange a family night once a week

Start the ritual: one night a week you are devoted to family activities. Play the late board games or watching movies. The evening began with entertainment can go to talk heart to heart, creating a relationship of trust in the family.

3. Prepare breakfast on weekends with kids

Cooking has always united. And let your children hate omelets, because only you and they know how to cook, but will look forward to next weekend to have fun and tell all the news this week.

4. Once a week, spend time alone with each child

For each child select at least half an hour, you will spend only two of us. Not so basically, what you do. It may be an ordinary walk. The time spent with my dad means a lot to the child.

5. Always say "yes"

Respond positively to the idea of a child. You can also answer: "Yes, we will discuss it," "Yes, I understand how important it is for you." If the answer is you will start with the word "no", the child will feel that all his desires are rejected.

6. Spend time alone with his wife

You are not only a parent but also friend and sexual partner for your wife. Arrange regular visits themselves alone.

7. Be a major fan of his family

You are expected to support and approval. Admired close, they deserve it or not. To pay compliments to his wife and children. Do everything possible to make them feel how much you love them. No matter what you have to do, help your son with the steps for good assignment writing, or help your daughter with the haircut of her dolls, do not be afraid of the difficult tasks. Your family will appreciate that. 

Do not devote all your spare time for work!

8. Leave the workloads in the office

When he got home, do not hang on the phone, discussing with business colleagues. If you have to work from home, do not do it in family time.

9. Work efficiently

Manage time to have time to do all the things during the day and not stay in the office. Due to the inability to organize yourself, you will have to sacrifice family and personal hours.

10. Eliminate the unimportant things

If you are not at work, not with the family and did not do so, what inspires you, then you, damn it, do?

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