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Couples share one of the main issues in their relationship is their inability to properly communicate. They feel out of sync, not on the same page, disconnected, and not understood. To top it off their planning, getting things done, resolving conflict, making decisions and such are jeopardized by their lack of communication skill.

Their inept attempt at communicating makes things worse as they hurt each other’s feelings, widen the gulf between them, and feel further misunderstood and alone. Add to this all the other “funny” things partners do in their relationship that make it challenging to get along, and it makes sense they might feel in a slump …

Fear not, start getting out of the slump, addressing issues or simply creating a better relationship with improved communication. The video below gives you instructions on exactly how to do just that!

5 Tips for Better Communication: 

1) Make sure you heard the message correctly

2) Show your partner you understand where they are coming from

3) Show your partner you understand how they “feel”

4) Make time to “chat” (dialogue)

5) Deal with your selves while you wait to talk…

Watch the video to learn about these steps and start applying them now. Complete the MetroRelationship (sm) Assignment below to assist you effortlessly make changes and immediately start experiencing the relationship you want.

Go for it, start the year right with new communication skills and nurturing your relationship! 

Happy Communicating!!

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