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What ever happened to your well-rounded nice tight behind? When did it turn into this lumpy thing that sort of just hangs there?

You're in decent shape. Or you thought you were, until summer hit and putting on your bathing suit woke you up to the horror of your backside. You're appalled. When did this happen? Yesterday you were 25, and today you're 102. Or so it seems from the looks of your butt. Now what? There's no way you can firm that thing up in 2 weeks, if ever. You're even considering buying one of those miracle creams they advertise on the TV at 2 o'clock in the morning – you know, the ones guaranteed to make you look 16 again with just one application. If only . . .

What to do? You're not into plastic surgery, and you don't want to go to the beach in a caftan!

Wear your backside with pride! After all, it still performs its primary function – serving as a cushion between your bones and the chair, admirably. Have you ever thought of how many times a day your butt has served you faithfully and well, year in, year out, with hardly a complaint! Your behind was never meant to look just one way the whole of your life – that's advertising's idea of what behinds should look like, not real life.

Do whatever exercise feels appropriate and good for the whole of your well-being, and be proud of your wondrous behind, whatever it looks like, for without it, life wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

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