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There is a tendency towards passiveness in our relationship as time passes.

Couples get comfortable in their routine, whether it is an efficient and satisfying routine or not, and lax in their relating, whether they are on the same page or not. They settle into whatever relating they have developed and stick with it, becoming more and more passive in their efforts to keep passion, interest, mystery, and seduction alive.

This passiveness comes as a result of couples settling into and getting caught up in the everyday grind, being reactive because of their unprocessed and unaddressed wounds, and their just going through the motions in their relating. They come to not be in touch with one another. As this passiveness continues, the partners feel more and more disconnected.

The Rx for this is joint fun. Having fun together creates pleasure and safety intensifying the couple’s emotional bond.

So what is fun and how can you have more of it? Fun is any activity that requires high energy interaction and no skills, has no rules, can be done wrong, produces deep pleasure in the form of an orgasm, laughter or both, and is done in a short period of time.

This kind of fun, high energy, deeper breathing, blood and endorphins pumping kind of fun, creates a feeling of being alive, energized, charged. It is proactive. It adds life to the relationship.

Playfulness is one way of having fun and it’s a natural form of expressing our innate drive toward full aliveness. Playfulness can include singing songs with added funny wording, splashing in the pool or bath, drenching each other with water balloons, wrestling, racing up the steps or to the car, having food or pillow fights, or tickling each other.

Add fun into your relationship, enjoy new pleasures and a renewed sense of being alive. Allow passion and connectedness to resurface in your relating and savor a stronger emotional bond. Get playing!

Happy Bonding!!

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