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For Women, Sexual Satisfaction Increases with Age

According to a new report in The American Journal of Medicine, a study of 806 women who are part of ongoing, 40-year research project, found that sexual satisfaction increased as the women aged even though sexual frequency decreased. The mean age of the participants in the study were 67, 63% were postmenopausal. Women in the study, conducted by researchers from The University of California-San Diego School of Medicine and the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System, answered questions about the prevalence of their sexual activity, health, hormone use, frequency of arousal, lubrication, orgasm, discomfort and sexual desire and satisfaction. According to the findings 67% achieved orgasm most of the time or always; at least 1 in 5 women 80 or older reported arousal and orgasm almost always or always (though the youngest women in the study reported the highest frequency); and 47.5% of the oldest women reported sexual satisfaction almost always or always while that number dipped to 33.5% for the youngest women in the study. 

You can read more about this study in this USA Today article.

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