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Finding the Balance between Marriage, School, and Life

College can be a personally and intellectually enriching experience; However, mainstream students face many challenges, including an increased risk of mental health problems (American College Health Association, 2008, 2011; Eisenburg, Gollust, Golberstein and Hefner, 2007).

Similarly, while marriage can be one of the most fulfilling experiences in life, students who choose to marry during university years will face additional barriers that increase their vulnerability to stress, mental health issues, article review examples here, and declining school results. Marriage responsibilities can compromise effective time management and significantly increase stress.

This article will discuss both the challenges and benefits of marriage as a student while highlighting strategies for successfully overcoming the challenges, as well as techniques for leveraging the benefits. In this way, the purpose of this article is to help married students maintain the balance between showing commitment to a spouse and achieving academic excellence.

Challenges of marriage

Time management skills are associated with improved academic performance and reduced stress among students (Macan, Shahani, Dipboye, and Philips, 1990), and the importance of effective time management is heightened for students. students who take up the challenges of marriage in addition to the requirements of the college.

Despite the rigorous requirements of the college program, you will have to balance the individual, relational and college requirements and needs in a complex way, in order to be available to support your spouse in his own activities while facilitating your academic success. Tightening up personal time on your already busy schedule may seem like an almost impossible task while balancing marriage and college.

It is common for married students to let their personal needs fall through the cracks; however, your personal physical and psychological well-being is fundamental to reducing overall stress and restoring the emotional resources you will need to meet the demands of married life and university.

Therefore, to be successful as a student and spouse at the same time, it is essential to be successful in taking care of yourself. Spend time understanding what personal care means to you, whether it's spending time in the wild, exercising, or just spending an afternoon watching Netflix. Either way, you deserve it!

Keeping a daily planner to help plan the time for each of these areas can be very beneficial. Even with effective time management skills, it can be difficult to predict the often chaotic calendar of student and married life. Work schedules are subject to frequent change, class schedules may fluctuate, and incorporating a spouse's schedule may create additional challenges.

It may even be beneficial to schedule "school time", "wedding time" and "me" every day, or at least every week. Finally, regular date nights can be a great way to make sure you don't neglect your marriage, and they can be a great opportunity to reward your spouse for his patience in marrying a student. To sum up, your motto for learning to balance these competing demands should be: "Calendar, calendar, calendar!"

Benefits of Marriage

There are also several benefits to getting married in college, and capitalizing on these benefits will not only increase marital satisfaction but can also improve academic performance and stress levels. First, marriage offers the possibility of a stable and meaningful relationship, and this intimacy can help reduce emotional stress in the university.

Social support is a protective factor against a variety of vital stressors (Rains & Young, 2009). A (healthy) marriage provides this type of full-time, easily accessible support, which can be helpful in a variety of stressful university-induced situations, including workload management, time management, and even just get away from a stressful day. In addition, your mouse can help increase academic performance in several ways.

A spouse can help study, help brainstorm research ideas, provide critical feedback on academic work, and encourage persistence in their efforts. Use your integrated support system - after all, the vast majority of students don't have that luxury!


The responsibilities of being both married and a student are difficult to balance. Although marriage can pose additional challenges to a student's daily life, including imposing overtime constraints and interfering with personal care, it is possible to overcome these challenges by developing time management skills (for example, example, using a planner for personal, wedding and school hours).

Also, feel free to take advantage of the benefits of marriage, including access to your own integrated support system, your study partner, and your feedback provider. Taking advantage of these important benefits of marriage will help you maximize your academic success, your emotional well-being, and, finally, marital satisfaction.

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