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My partner is a great provider, but he is self-absorbed. Moreover, we don't share any common interests and he thinks being emotional is a weak man's job. Whenever, I confront him on this, he makes special efforts to sound sentimental, which I find more irritating. There have been numerous incidents where I have reached out to him, he responds well, but I am tired of always initiating. Whever, I am ill, he goes to work as usual and either makes a courtesy call from there or sometimes doesn't even bother to do that. Asks me how I am when he 's back. I feel so ......????? I am making arduous efforts to make my son a disciplined person....managing everything alone...he gives the school fee and feels done everything...I feel so depressed sometimes. I don't feel like continuing this arrangement' kind of marriage..and it hurts more because it was alove marriage...

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Comment by CherylLaine on May 13, 2013 at 6:19am

It sounds that you feel neglected.  Have you told your partner how you feel because...etc.?  I don't pretend to know everything, but from the counseling I've had myself, I'd suggest you ask your partner to share with you, that you want to *share* rather than saying something like, "We need to have a talk!* sort of thing. 

Just tell him you need to share your heart with him and explain you want more time with him doing fun things, making romance, or whatever you need to share. 


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