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Exciting Goblins Gold Slot Game to Win Life Changing Jackpots

Goblin Gold

Goblins Gold slot game is the reel based game designed by Microgaming software developer. The aim of the player is to relieve the Goblin and the player can do this with the help of wild symbol. Multiple betting options are also available in this game and the player gets the chance of winning of 6000 coins in jackpot. This is a 3 reel, three payline game with the maximum bet of three coins. The Goblins Gold slot game is designed with the cave theme, which mesmerizes the players with enchanting colors. In single screen different elements like reels, payouts and logo are present.


Green Goblin guards the gold coins which will be represented in the logo and reels. The winning combination is marked by the red lines and the winning prize is highlighted in the pay-table. This Goblins Gold slot game and free online casino are easy to understand and play, when compared to other types of slot games. Some of the reel symbols are double gold bar, single gold bar, triple gold bar, bag of gold coins and lamps. The betted amount and the money gained by the player will be precisely shown above the spin button. Wild symbol is present in Goblins Gold slot game and this symbol enhances the winning probability. The wild symbol in this game is Goblin and it acts as a substitute for all other symbols.

Betting option

Three different jackpots such as 1,500, 3,000 and 6,000 coins are offered in the Goblins gold slot game. The betting options for these jackpots are 1, 2, or 3 coins and its value ranges from $0.25 to $5. For single bet, gamblers can utilize the Bet one option and the Bet Max option is used to place maximum bet of $5. This betting amount should be placed again and again for every spin. Player can make use of the Auto play option when they feel lazy of playing the game. Only single bet is allowed per line in Goblins Gold slot game and the payouts are fixed for every winning combination. Apart from the major jackpot, players can also win some money with the winning combinations.

Winning combinations

With each bet another payline is enabled and the players are awarded only when they get the winning combination in enabled pay-lines. The pay outs of each and every symbol are displaced in the pay-line as soon as the reel stops. The players wins 400 coins for 3 red seven symbols and the prize is assured is all types of seven symbol combination. It’s hard to predict the winning combination, but the players can utilize the Goblins Gold slot game strategies to increase their winning edge over other players. Anyone can win this game without any gambling experience and the player should keenly note the previous winnings. The winning patterns of slot games are difficult to predict, but the gambler can know the strategies by regularly playing this game. One can avail enough practice of slots game by getting into the free mode games and the player can play the real money game once they gain enough confidence. The Goblins Gold slot game may look ugly, but this game offers amazing deals at every level.

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