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What is with this anxiety you feel every time you watch the evening news? Why do you feel like you have to be on hyper alert all the time or else something awful is going to happen?


There's so much violence and crime in the world these days. Kids shooting kids, stalkers, rapists, drive by shootings, terrorist actions, murderers on the loose – you feel like you have to be scanning everything all around you all the time, trying to figure where the next onslaught of violence is going to come from so you can maybe hopefully protect yourself. You feel anxious, your heart races at the least unexpected sound. You keep waiting for something awful to pop up at you like some sort of evil Jack in the Box. This isn't living! you think, but you're too scared not to be on hyper alert. What to do?


Quit buying into the media's disaster mentality! Disaster and violence sell – contentment and peace of mind do not. If you looked at the statistics of these awful events actually happening to you, you'd find the chances of any of them to be very very low.


Now, does this mean that bad things never happen? Of course not. Unfortunately sometimes they do, and a reasonable degree of caution is important. You don't walk down dark alleyways at night, and you don't leave your credit card information lying around. But beyond taking basic common sense precautions, life is meant to be lived with a free and joyous heart.


Life seen through the eyes of fear – is not living.

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