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This is about the toughest week of the year… This is when we have Blue Monday, supposedly the saddest day of the year. Bills come in from the holidays, attempts at new habits start falling to the wayside, hibernation is knocking on our door, and things just feel heavy.

It’s rough to get going on creating our Best Year Yet… What’s needed is an influx of energy to set us on the right path. The best way to do that is by Embracing Self-Care and Resilience…

Self-Care is one of the 4 Aspects of Self-Love we are working on to help us start the New Year right…

Self-Honoring and Being

Self-Management and Flow

Self-Care and Resilience

Self-Connection and Radiance

Self-Care is about taking good care of ourselves- with having a wholistic self-care practice that generates vitality, health and wellbeing.

There are a lot of definitions and information out there about how to do a Self-Care Practice. My Self-Care Practice is on steroids and became the Self-Love Practice we’ve been working on… LOL

I like to look at Self-Care as solely the activities that nourish and take care of our body and wellbeing: Sleep, exercise, nutrition/supplementation/hydration, grooming/hygiene and relaxation/mindfulness.

When we give these activities the proper attention, we are taking care of our “meat suit”, our human vehicle, so that it allows us to have a beautiful, full and long human experience…

When we take proper care of ourselves, we slow down the aging process, we increase our health, vitality, longevity and ability to truly enjoy our life. Who wants to get to an advanced age and be decrepit? Or, worse be decrepit now or have a short-lived life?

Having a rich Self-Care Practice allows us to have boundless energy and larger bandwidth, be healthy and fit, look and feel amazing, have more focus and stamina, and the ability for higher performance in all areas of our life.

A rich Self-Care Practice gives us the ability to feel happy and joyous more consistently, to better self-regulate and to be less triggerable… It helps with our wellbeing and resilience…

Watch the video for 5 Tactics to uplevel your Self-Care Practice and complete the Application exercise ON THE BLOG.

Download the Identifying Core Values guide to inform your Tactics implementation!

 … Enjoy!

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