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First, I want to thank Dr. Trina Read for passing this article along. Researcher Stuart Brody from University of the West of Scotland asked 1,000 Czech women about their experiences of vaginal orgasms, as well as their sexual education. In summation, the study found that regularity of vaginal orgasms depended on a number of factors, including the length of the penis and the duration of intercourse, and concluded that the duration of foreplay was not a factor. 34 Percent of women said they were more likely to have an orgasm with a longer than average penis (roughly 5.7 inches). Around 66 percent of women said they had no preference. Saying this, their are many experts who question the methodology as well as the motivation of the study. Chief concern is what's called, "medicalisation of sexuality." Basically finding a pill for sexual satisfaction. One of the most controversial statements claims that women who have experienced vaginal orgasms "have a greater satisfaction with their sex life, mental health, relationships with both partners and friends, and life in general."

We've discussed this point before. Dr. Read wrote an article, "The Orgasm Debate," which explains why there is no such thing as a "better" orgasm. To read about the new controversial study that's making the rounds, click here.

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