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Researchers at Harvard Medical School looked at 325 adults who were followed over two years and monitored their blood pressure throughout the day. The participants in the study were assigned to follow strict diets and wear devices that monitored their BP. What the researchers found was that blood pressure typically rises during the day and falls at night, by about 10% or more in systolic pressure--the top number in a blood pressure reading. What the researchers found was that people who were married--especially men--were much more likely to experience this nighttime dip than those who were not married. This held true even after the researchers took into account factors like socioeconomic status, age, diet and body mass index. The researchers speculate on why this may be in this New York Times article, but aren't sure. The research is published in The Journal of Hypertension.

This isn't the first time we've seen something like this. Back in 2008 (the page didn't port well to the redesign, but the info is there) we blogged about research where long-term couples were hooked up to EKG machines, which showed their heart beats synced! So we know the heart literally can respond to the presence of your loved one. 

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