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Does Making Him Wrong Make It All Right?

You: Stomp. Scream. Slam. “It’s all your fault!”

Him: Throwing hands up. “I made a mistake! I’m sorry!”

He did it wrong. Again. Your mani-pedi check bounced. How are you supposed to look your manicurist in the eyes next time? OK, at the top of her head. Whatever.

And who knows what else you’ll bounce because ‘you-know-who’ balanced the checkbook wrong. Mistake? Ye-ah.

But let’s see. Does stomping out of the room fix it? Or blaming the whole thing on him, fix it? It’s your joint checking account, after all.

Maybe the “it’s all your fault” routine could be 86-ed in favor of “checkbooks can be a bear to balance. Why don’t we sit down together and see if we can find a way that works better.”

Just a thought . . .


What was your last door-slam all about?
What’s your favorite ‘fix’?

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Comment by Keith King on September 30, 2009 at 7:24am
You've started a decent blog here and it's a shame nobody has commented on this posting. This is one of the things I see most often, it's all my fault and the woman's always right. I'm a house Husband at the moment and the last time I can remember her saying it's all my fault or stomping her feet was the other day. She got upset and stomped her feet because I moved two cups in the dishwasher and flipped a few spoons. Her comment was "That's what I do behind you, not the other way around". Stomping your feet doesn't get anybody anywhere and blaming someone else for what you've done or for something that is out of a persons control is just childish. Couples do it every day though and most of the time don't even realize that they are even doing anything negative. Positive reinforcement and trying to view another persons perspective before you speak or act is always the best option, but that is only my opinion and not to mention hard to do for a lot of people. As far as a favorite 'fix', there is no such thing as a fix when it comes to a relationship. You can't change or "fix" something that has been done, you can work through it or even come to an understanding, but there is no fix.


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