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We all have dreams, wishes and goals. There are things we want for ourselves, our partner, our family. Sometimes though we find that it is difficult, if not impossible, to make our wish a reality.

We may want to start a new business, go back to school, learn a new trade, pick up a new hobby or project, throw a party, have the house a certain way, keep fit, enroll in activities with our children, have more intimate and fun moments with our partner, having another child, etc. But life gets in the way and we just dream about these and never see them materialize.

This is an ugly way to go about our days and our life. We are not really living when we barely make it through “reactive” tasks everyday and then the day is over. Some people go through their days just putting out fires and not getting anywhere.

The thing is that in partnership your wishes and dreams can come true. It is difficult enough to motivate ourselves and set ourselves up to achieve success without the added burden of fighting our partner in the process. When our partner becomes our ally and a team player the energies that would normally go into convincing, cajoling, nagging, and compensating for them could be better put to use into making our wishes and dreams come true. Plus, when our partner works with us, life has a funny way of magically becoming a lot easier, fun and rewarding.

So, how can you invite your partner to team-up with you so you can create your dreams and have your wishes come true? Here are 10 ways to get your partner on your team:

  1. Show appreciation for the things, efforts and sacrifices they do and make
  2. Focus on the positive
  3. Give constructive feedback, only when asked
  4. Ask your partner to brainstorm alternate solutions when you are both stuck on how to resolve something
  5. Compromise – give in an inch
  6. Show kindness, gentleness and thoughtfulness
  7. Give lots of TLC (tender, love and care)
  8. Show them you are listening (repeat back what they say) and understand their point of view (from their perspective not yours)
  9. Don’t do the tit-for-tat game
  10. Trade favors

When you operate from this “nice” place your partner will want to spend time with you, be with you, make life easier and share it with you. They’ll be in your team and help you create the life and partnership you want. So, go ahead and “invite” your partner into partnership!

Happy Partnering!!!

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