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We have a tendency to focus on the negatives, what doesn’t work, weaknesses and deficiencies, and how much our partner “sucks”. This is the kiss of death in life and relationships. This is a sure way of staying stuck in the status quo for what we focus on persists: we co-create it, manifest it, invite it …


The focus on negativity creates a state of fear which induces a fight, flight or freeze response:

Thoughts -> Feelings -> Action


If you think negative thoughts, what I call “crooked thinking” (not reality based …), you generate negative feelings (pain …), and therefore the resulting actions are meant to swiftly address this pain. But as they are ill-conceived they are in the form of defense mechanisms and reactivity creating more issues and more pain. This becomes a vicious cycle keeping you from moving forward in your life and stuck in a dissatisfying relationship.


I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what happens in relationships when the focus is on the negatives and what doesn’t work …


Don't let your relationship continue to suffer at the mercy of negatives. Keep reading to learn more about this insidious phenomenon and how to VERY simply change it for good! Remember to look for the MetroRelationship (sm) Assignment to assist you immediately start experiencing the relationship you want! 

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