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Did you know that an important part of the Human Experience is Dreaming? And, I’m not referring about the dreaming we do when we are sleeping. Dreaming, having a vision, aspiring for something, yearning… This is what drives us forward and keeps us motivated… This is what keeps us engaged and Alive… This is where there is juice!

Have you allowed yourself to dream lately? And hey, I get that it’s hard to Dream when we are in survival mode, which unfortunately a lot of people are in right now. I’m sorry if this is you. But, this is the whole point, allowing ourselves to Dream actually sparks something that mitigates that survival, stuck, resigned, sad and hopeless state… This is actually an antidote for feeling yucky

We can dream about anything… Engaging the imagination part of our brain is a fabulous recharging, reenergizing, and revitalizing tool. We can’t be in fear, lack, loss, stress and in creativity, imagination, and dreamy mode at the same time…

We can dream about anything… Allowing ourselves to Dream brings a tingle to our skin, a twinkle in our eyes, a surge in our heart. There is excitement, anticipation, drive, and focus that comes with dreaming. We have a target we are trying to acquire…

We can dream about anything… We can dream about our blooming garden and flowers. We can dream about new meal recipes. We can dream about hiking trails, yoga classes, or invigorating exercise routines. We can dream about Summer Plans. We can dream about developing a new product or service. We can dream of travel, purchases, new habits. We can dream about Holiday Plans. We can dream about the New Year. We can dream about the next 3-Years, or 5, or 10, or 25 or 50. We can dream about being a centenarian. We can dream about living on Mars. We can dream about anything…

We can dream about having the most amazing relationship and strong partnership ever with our Partner… We can dream about anything… What do you like to dream about?

If you’ve been in a rut or struggling, take it slow. Start dreaming a little dream…

But do invest in Dreaming. This is the key to a living your Best Life…  

To your Best Life!

ASSIGNMENT:  Here is your chance to Dream… If you’ve been in a funk, you might experience some resistance to the concept. Just humor me… You can start with a tiny dream if that is easier…

  1. Pick something you want to Dream about…
  2. Do a Letting Go, Clarity, or Connecting to Higher Self meditation to ground you, clear you, and prime you…
  3. Now, grab your Journal, or a way of capturing your Musings…, and have at it. Just capture everything about that Dream, dream it as if it’s already accomplished: I see beautiful blooms in my garden. I have fresh flowers in the home at all times. I enjoy the bouquet’s fragrance in the patio and the dining room. I gift others gorgeous blooms…
  4. Notice the amazing feelings surging through you… Savor them…

Now this is the juice! This is how you inspire and motivate yourself… This is how you work on creating your Successful Relationship and Meaningful Life, your Best Life!

Complete the Assignment, and share your takeaway, insights, and results with a note in the Comments box at the end! I’d love to hear how you are using this content.

Happy Dreaming!


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