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Daily to do list - How to make the best to do list

As a student, making a daily to do list should become a habit. To do lists are one of the easiest things to write. The only challenging part is accomplishing every task listed by the end of the day. Here are some tips on writing the best to do list.

    • Easy access- Your to do list must be in a place that is easily accessible. This can be on your smart-phone, dry-eraser board, sticky notes, a small notepad, an agenda that you always carry around, a to do list software or application on your laptop etc., Overall, make sure you can add, edit, and most importantly look through it every time you want. Click here for free to do list templates and software that I am head over heels in love with.
    • Make tomorrows to do list today- Set aside at least 15 minutes at the end of the day to make your daily to do list for the tomorrow. This way, you know where you left of by analyzing today’s to do list. I often do this right before I go to sleep. My mind is more free at that time.
    • First things First- Prioritize your task from highest to lowest and tackle them in order.
    • Color code your to do list- For instance, you can use traffic light colors. Red color coded tasks means urgent and they must be done today no matter what. Yellow means important but if you don’t finish them today, that don’t mean it’s the end of the world. Just slip the task into tomorrow. Green on the other hand means, who cares. Do them today, do them tomorrow, there will be low or no adverse effect what so ever. But still try and complete Green task the same day though, or what was the essential point of having them on your daily to do list in the first place?
    • Use sources to craft daily to do list- As a student, you should also have a calendar, student planner or military resume writing services. This is where you keep track of all your assignments , due dates, upcoming holidays, fun events coming up, appointments, etc., Use your calendar and agenda to craft out your daily to do list- it will likely consist of important task and deadlines that must be a part of your to do list tomorrow.
  • Have I mentioned I use Google calendar as an agenda/calendar? Most of my work is on my laptop or iphone, so this application is easily reachable for me. Google calendar is customable, fast, easy and I love the color tabs! Everything gets synced into my Gmail account as well so I always get a reminder for upcoming deadlines. Best of all, it is totally free.
  • Break down larger tasks into small portions- If a task is way too big and it’s important but not urgent, don’t kill yourself by doing it all in one day or you will become stressed and lack concentration. Make a plan and break it down into smaller task. This way, you can start a portion of it and go back to where you left off tomorrow.
  • For example, you can brainstorm and write the rough draft for your English paper, rewrite it tomorrow when your mind is fresh again. This way, you can pick up on mistakes and plant more ideas. Leave it off for another day so your teacher or friend can read it and give you there feedbacks. Type it the following day and mark it on your daily to do list that same night as ‘’Hand in Canada essay’’ Now let me ask you this? Did you think you can do all this in one day?
  • Be realistic- Don’t just write a task because it looks good on paper. This isn’t your resume. Write task that you have an eager to complete.
  • Don't take interruption breaks inside of task- Break time can also occur as an interruption. Such as constantly checking your Facebook while working on a task or leaving that task to talk to your friend after she called you over nonsense etc., finish what you started before taking an interruption break. Or else you will lose concentration or interest. This will also make you prolong the time of finishing that task.
  • However, you can take a break if the task is lengthily and it’s starting to stress you out. Do something to boost up your energy level and concentration such as eating a snack, going out for some air, stretching, etc.,
  • Challenge yourself - When writing the best to do list, list activities that you want to avoid on the side of your daily to do list. These task are often distractions, for instance; ‘’don’t go on Facebook until I finish everything on my to do list’’, ‘’only check my email twice today.’’ Doing this will help you avoid bad habits.
  • If you missed a task today, add it to tomorrows to do list. If you couldn’t do laundry today, do it tomorrow=)
  • Use details and verbs- Use an actionable verb to describe your task. For example, instead of writing ‘’Doctors appointment’’ I might write something like ‘’Go to doctor’s appointment at 9am. Don’t forget to bring my college immunization paper to get filled out by my doctor. ‘’ See how been specific and using details also helped me make a note to myself on not forgetting an important document.

To do lists are quite easy to construct once you get the hang of them. I hope you found this juicy list on how to make the best to do list effective. If you have any extra tips or question…don’t hesitate to share below=)

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