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A while back The Wall Street Journal published an article on how the small things can wreck your marriage. The author interviewed many couples, including her parents, who offered all sorts of anecdotes highlighting how smacking of the lips or buttering an English muffin can become unbearably annoying. This article piggybacks the research of Dr. Terri Orbuch, who has published new research in her new book, "Five Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage From Good to Great," and offers several tips to overcome those annoying ticks. Among them are: to set realistic expectations; focus on the positive; discuss the behavior, not your spouse's personality; find the right time and place to discuss an annoying habit; be prepared to compromise; and if all else fails, go to bed mad. That's right, Dr. Orbuch says when you are tired you become irrational and that you'll probably have more perspective in the morning.

Next Wednesday (Episode 124), we'll publish an interview with Dr. Orbuch on the Hitched Podcast with editor, Steve Cooper. In this podcast, Dr. Orbuch discusses her book and new research, offering many insightful bits every couple will want to hear.

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