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The reason why I ask this is because recently my husband decided to have a one night stand. You see he started to have a work relationship with a co-worker that works in a different building and then it turned into a more personal level. They began to email each other at work and also via facebook. They both claim that it started as an innocent work relationship but they got to close for comfort. He claims that she would make comments of how she would like to kiss his lips, etc. She also told him that she had not been sexually active with her spouse and that had been going on for 10 years of the 20+plus years that she has been married to her husband. Her spouse is not disabled nor in anyway unable to perform she says that they just have grown apart and that is the reason as to why they no longer have sexual relations. Anyhow, when I ask my husband as to why he cheated on me...he responds, "It just happened."-- That to me is BULL...cheating just doesn't happen. Anyhow, I dugged deeper and deeper to find out things. He says, "that it all started with just getting to know common interest, he was amazed how they seemed identical in regards to things they liked, disliked...etc. When I asked him how could he lie to me in the face and leave our home and go and see her? He said, "that he had knots in his stomach but pursued on going over to her place." When I asked him how could he allow himself to do the things he did with her and he says that he felt comfortable with her, that is the reason why he went to her house and allowed her to kiss him and he allowed himself to kiss her back, he allowed himself to get excited and allowed himself to have sex with her." He also says," that he felt numb when it was happening but not to the point of stopping himself right away...he says that took time to build up and eventually when he turned over and got on top of her he says that he faked a leg cramp because he couldn't finish what he started." Well at least that is his version of telling it to me because I'm sure that there is more to it than he is willing to say. So can anyone out there...that has had an office fling with a co-worker/friend -- Where you or were you not physically attracted to this person or was it that you just had common interest or felt a comfort level of allowing yourself get sexually active with someone you didn't find attractive?-- I mean I know that if I was going to be sexually active with someone, I would have to feel a physical/sexual attraction if I am going to do the deed with them.... I wouldn't just have sex with someone because we like the same movies, or like to take long drives or don't like large crowds?

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