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I loved Josie's mom. She was the typical over-bearing parental figure that was constantly harping on Josie for something she was or was not doing. She, of course, thinks she knows what her daughter needs so she enters her into the lotto without Josie knowing. And throughout the ordeal leading up to the wedding, she constantly called Josie saying things like "What are you trying to do to me?". But maybe mothers do know best, because the one thing Josie didn't think she needed was the thing that brought her out of her shell.Please write my essay for me, edusson.
And then of course there is Jake Hall, the mega celebrity that everyone has a crush on, but you know he's probably a jerk in real life. Or we tell ourselves that to make us feel better about he fact that we'll never meet him! As Josie soon found out though, Jake is like a typical guy, very down to earth and easy to talk to. Except of course that he has paparazzi watching his every move. He's like the perfect guy: handsome, attentive, caring...oh and what the heck, he's rich!
One of my favorite parts of the book is the "disaster diary". Every time Josie felt like her ego was getting the best of her, she thought about a time in her life when she was extremely humiliated and wrote it in the diary. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these diary entries, they were all pretty hilarious. Especially one particular story about a pair of underwear. You'll need to read this book to find out the whole story, but let me tell you, it actually happened to me in high school! I about died when I read that part I was laughing so hard! I'm so glad I can laugh about it now, I thought about crawling in a hole to die after it actually happened.
I really did enjoy this book. It was a nice change of pace after some of the heavy reading I've done lately and I breezed through it in about one day. The only thing I wish would have been included is some sort of description about what the characters looked like. I made up my own mental images of course, but it would have been nice to have some sort of base description to go off of. While I was reading, I realized the story, in a small way, reminds me of the movie Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. Different circumstances of course, but an unassuming girl getting to meet her celeb crush because of a contest. So if you happened to like that movie you should definitely read this book! And now all I can say is...when does book #2 come out?

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