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What is it about nice guys that makes them so hard to break up with? Why do you even want to break up with this guy when your Mom, your friends, and even your dog like him?

You're dating this genuinely nice guy. He brings you flowers regularly, he calls when he says he will, he opens car doors for you and almost always picks up the tab, and doesn't mind sitting through re-runs of the latest chick flick, yet you’re bored beyond belief. You figure you really should break up with him and move on to someone more exciting, but everybody likes the guy, and so do you. You limp along in this sort of OK relationship, not wanting to be alone again and having to do that whole dating thing – but you are sooooo bored! What do you do?

Before you break up, take a look at what you really want. If what you want is “dependable, reliable and devoted” then you might want to evaluate your nice guy from a different perspective. Appreciate his steady qualities and purposefully work towards increasing the passion and excitement in your love life. Good relationships aren't ready-made, they're developed. Introduce your nice guy to the world of Victoria's Secret, or Japanese art, or windsurfing – whatever turns you on – and see if you can't develop a passion together.

Quit relying on your partner to bring excitement to you. Be willing to bring excitement to him, and watch the sparks fly!

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