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Have you wondered what sex will be like in the future? It could be without the the traditional condom. Researchers at the University of Utah have had a breakthrough with microbicides (intravaginal gels, rings, and films) that can prevent the transmission of viruses such as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the effectiveness of semen. They've created a product that's applied as a gel but becomes semi-solid in response to pH changes caused by the introduction of semen. This forms a nanoscopic mesh of crosslinked molecules so tightly woven that they form a barrier that will block viruses as well as semen. If any virus were to penetrate the mesh, the researchers say that after sex the vagina gradually becomes more acidic again, and any residual HIV particles would be inactivated by this acidity plus the antiviral drug within the remaining gel will kill the virus. This study highlights the fact that while this product may be an amazing breaktrhough that could really help a lot of couples, it only works if people actually remember to apply the gel. Click here for the full article from CNET.

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