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This is the story of a stranger that I have met in the psychology club. She shared it with me after our third classes. I must admit, I was impressed with it, and would like to share it with the community. Obviously, the author will remain anonymous. 

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "deceive"

When it comes to the relationship between a man and a woman, then not everything is as unambiguous as it seems at first glance. Somewhere in the third or fifth class, I was sure that by the time I was 25 I would marry and have a baby, a girl with beautiful black hair, always ... After reaching 25, I realized that everything is more complicated than I imagined in school years, and moved the bar to 30 years.

No, I can not say that in my life there were few men. I'm not a lifetime lover and I often fell in love with different men, and thank God, mutually. Unfortunately, serious long-term relations did not reach. All of them were already either busy, or married, or did not want anything serious. And those who wanted, I was not interested in them. Now, remembering those times, I laugh at myself, over my love in all my former ones. Because my life after meeting with him is crossed out before and after it. I fell in love with him. With all my heart and soul, and beside him, I have no one more dear. Sometimes even, God forgives me, I understand that I love him more than my own mother. Perhaps this is wrong, but it is so. I love him and the most important are that he loves me, everything is mutual. But, there is always this

BUT. He is married. He is married for 8 years. We are together for 5 years. And this can not be changed. I understand that this topic has been opened and closed for many times. And from the outside, everything seems very easy. But we did not manage to part with it. We have been trying for two years. To no avail. And holding together is not sex, as many might think, namely love. They tried different ways: and not to talk, not to see, and not to see, but to correspond, and still, once a month or two, they broke and rushed to each other, just to see each other, hold hands and say goodbye again. It's like the attraction of two native hearts. This is an amazing experience. It is similar to that awkward feeling when you use an essay at school, and you are proud with the result. We pull each other like a magnet, and no one and nothing can prevent it. Love, especially if it is mutual, is always good. This is the meaning of all life. But not when love has no future. It would be joyful if it were not so sad. And let them say that to love a married man is a sin. I can say in response only one thing: love is not chosen. If this is really a true love and not just the physical attraction of two sexually hungry bodies. There is unrequited love. At me it is mutual. And for this, I can thank God that he gave us this sacred feeling. That is a feeling that not everyone is given. And despite all the gossip and other people's talk, I can proudly say - I love and I'm loved, and this is the most important thing in life - to feel that you are loved, that there is a native person in the world, although he is physical with the other, mentally and heart He is with me, and I know it. Yes, maybe I will have another man because I also need a family and I do not put a cross on myself, as some do. But I know that in my heart he will always be. And this feeling is mutual and eternal.

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