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5 Tips for Students to Craft a Brilliant College Essay

According to an article by, Americans no longer know how to write well. For many reasons.

Among main reasons is that students are not taught properly how to write. She states that “In 2011, a nationwide test found that only 24 percent of students in eighth and 12th grades were proficient in writing, and just 3 percent were advanced.”

That is why schools strive to teach students to write as good as possible. And knowing how hard it is for some young people to develop decent texts on their own, we have decided to come to their rescue (just kidding)!

No matter whether you are a great writer-to-be or feel scared whenever thinking of writing, this article is for you. All of us need advice on how to compose texts that will persuade, touch and talk to the target audience. And if you are ready to join us in an effort to learn how to write such texts, proceed to our next step.

5 ways to compose excellent essays for college

  1. Show, don’t tell!
    One of the biggest mistakes students make when writing is stating the obvious without adding any interesting or important details to the text. “Show, don't tell is a technique often employed in various kinds of texts to enable the reader to experience the story through action, words, thoughts, senses, and feelings rather than through the author's exposition, summarization, and description.”
    To put it short, you need to think of writing as of painting where words are your strokes. People will only understand what you are trying to tell them if you go into details and add as many of colors and essential strokes as possible.
    If you need more practical ways of implementing this method, take the advice of Chuk Palahniuk who states that an author should not be using verbs to describe the thinking process, but rather simply to user’s senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing).

  2. Use reliable sources to support your ideas.
    If you want to build up a strong positive image, you need to use only the reliable references to support your opinion.
    You can check out an if you need assistance with the sources. IN their article, these guys specify where you can go to search for a piece of trustworthy information. They offer you a set of sites, databases, curated search engines, and other useful resources.
    Not only you will meet the expectation of your tutors by proving your point with strong and credible arguments, but also will make your voice strong and persuasive. And that is one of the ultimate goals of writing!

  3. Keep it short.
    A goldfish has a better attention span than most people. Its attention span is around 9 seconds while most individuals can stay focused for around 8 seconds (compared to 12 seconds in 2000),. Of course, we have a lot of distractions to blame for such results including our phones, social media, and constant buzz caused by other mainstream issues out there. Take TV for example it causes short attention span too. that “79% of respondents regularly "dual screen" by using portable devices while watching TV.”
    Nevertheless, this information is something every writer must keep in mind: if he wants to reach out to his audience successfully, he must make sure that his texts are very short, informative and interesting.
    Ask questions, engage with the audience, surprise them with facts and statistical data and use other techniques to keep them interested.

  4. Enhance your vocabulary.
    If you only use a standard set of words when talking about things, then chances are your audience will not be able to listen to you for too long.
    People like to listen to those who have something to amaze them with. And in this case, you can use smart words as means to surprise your readers.
    To enhance your vocabulary, you need to read more, to subscribe to sources that offer you to learn one new word a day, play games with words, and always have thesaurus somewhere close.
    , you can check out several apps to help you increase your vocabulary. Among them are PowerVocab, A Word a Day Widget, Words with Friends, and 7 Little Words. They say, these tools can do real wonders, so why not check them out?

  5. Stay organized!
    Finally, keep your essays structured and well-organized. Make sure you understand the structure, you know 
    how to start an essay, what to write in the main body, and how it should end. The structure is what helps people follow your ideas and go step by step along with the thoughts you have in mind.
    An organization is a key to success, and you don’t want to lose that key.
    For starters, you can get the Evernote app that allows you to write wherever you are. So, if you have an idea to talk about in your essay, open the app – and write everything down.
    Apart from that, you can use Storify to keep track of information and write about it, HT Recorder to record your voice messages that can include your writing ideas to appointment reminders. As a writer, you can make the most out of these cutting-edge technologies. So, do not waste your precious time any more – and check them out!

We are not saying that writing will altogether become simple to you: it is a matter of time and habits. You need to train yourself to think as a writer and act as on. So, whenever you decide a good piece next time, take our tips, go through them one by one and implement them to achieve the best results in the shortest time. It is easier to move forward when you have a plan!

If you think that there are other vital writing tips we are leaving out of this article, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments. We love getting your feedback! Will you?

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