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We have to admit it: most of us love deep fried dishes. They are easy to make and they taste great, what’s there not to like about them? We’re used to fast food chains serving such dishes and sometimes even order them at restaurants. If we’re looking for a quick snack at home, we might also choose French fries or chicken wings. But have we ever considered what such foods do to our body? Athletes know the facts, but the rest of us never really ponder the consequences of gluttonizing on deep fried dishes. We’ll have a look at a few shocking facts regarding food safety you might not have known.

The calorie count in fried foods is higher than in dishes cooked using other methods. Batter and flour are the first villains. Frying in oil does no good either because water is lost and fat is absorbed instead: consuming a lot of fried food significantly increases your calorie intake.

You might have heard of trans fats, which can’t be easily broken down by your body. These are formed in a result of a process called hydrogenation, which occurs when unsaturated fats are exposed to high temperature. These fats are associated with a number of nasty diseases among which can be highlighted heart disease, cancer, and even diabetes. Don’t go overboard! If you are using vegetable or seed oils to cook your food, there is an even higher chance of getting yourself subjected to trans fats because these oils contain them prior to heating. By increasing the temperature through frying the fat content can rise even more! With each repeated use of oil, it becomes more harmful. Thus, it is a sound idea to change oil in your food equipment frequently.

Some studies also found association between eating fried foods and chronic diseases. This is specifically relevant to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Excessive consumption of such foods contributes to low HDL cholesterol, obesity, and increased blood pressure. These all raise the risk of developing heart problems.

Eating fast food more than twice a week multiplies your chances of gaining insulin resistance twofold. Besides, trans fats affect hormones in our body that are responsible for fat storage and appetite. Merely consuming trans fats leads to belly fat growth.

In the chemical reaction, which occurs between an amino acid asparagine and sugars, is formed an element called acrylamide, which might be carcinogenic. This reaction occurs precisely at high temperatures. High starch content foods like fried potatoes are the worst. Whilst there is no certain proof that acrylamide causes cancer, we should be made aware of the potential danger.

Which oil you use can also have a great effect on your health. Some can withstand high temperatures rendering them preferable in the deep frying process. Olive, coconut and avocado oil are the safest options, whereas soybean, corn, sesame, and grapeseed should be avoided if possible. Which usually isn’t. Unfortunately, due to the lower price and wider availability of the latter, they are commonly used in restaurants.

If you considering which fryer to use to minimize the damage to your body, take a look at Nuwave oven review, which can greatly help reduce the amount of oil used.



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