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4 Best Money Management Apps For Uni

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If you have a smartphone, using apps is not new to you. However, do you know some apps that can help you manage your money as a student? Check out some of them in the following information:

  • Mint

Mint is one of the best personal finance apps. As a student, you need to pay bills, budget, and make expenses. Mint is significant since it helps you spend money consciously. Moreover, it reminds you of when your bills need to be paid. Another feature that has helped students who use it is that it gives you numerous ways to maximize your saving, spend money wisely and saving tips. For example, it gives you options to buy your products at affordable stores to maximize your savings every day.

  • Personal Capital

Personal capital is a budgeting app. Do you ever start shopping at a store without any plan? That is a habit that may make you spend money on unnecessary products. With personal capital, you have budgeting assistance. Additionally, it helps you manage your bank account. If you are thinking of investing in college, this is the best app for you. It will give you the best investment options and money management tips. Tell you your net worth and spot some hidden fees.

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  • PocketGuard

The truth is, sometimes you buy things and go beyond your budget obliviously. Don’t you think it is a good idea to have a reminder whenever you do so? Well, that is why you need PocketGuard. As the name suggests, it guards your money and notifies you whenever you spend past the budget. This is how it does it. It links to all your bank account and financial pockets and keeps track of all your expenditure. It is easy to set up, and anybody can use it.

  • Mvelopes

Mvelopes are appropriate for a student who uses cash. It helps you manage your cash by dividing it into different spending categories. Their budgeting is in real-time. Therefore, you can use it in your daily spending. It is free and easy to set up. Moreover, you can link it to all your financial accounts.


Money management requires some assistance. If you are wondering g how to manage your expenditure without involving anyone, use mint for personal finance. Additionally, use PocketGuard, Personal capital, and Mvelopes.

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