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#9 – Busyness


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A few years ago Tom took me away for a romantic night alone without the kids.  It was an unexpected blessing, but he made a few stipulations as we were driving away from home.

“Here’s the deal – there will be no talking about children, work, church life, or extended family.  This is time for us, and we will only talk about us.”

I was excited, even though I’m the talker in our relationship.  I thought it was a great idea until I started to say something…(whoops, I can’t say that!)  I waited a while enjoying the silence when Tom started and stopped himself before two words had left his lips.  Uh-oh, he can’t say that either!

This wasn’t as easy as we had thought.  And all the more reason it was good for us.

Life has a way of crowding in on marriages leaving little room for romance.  And they’re usually all very good things.  Who doesn’t want to make much of children, work, church and extended family.  These are all God-given and to be enjoyed.


God made us, as husband and wife different from all those other important relationships.  We are one, and if these other relationships are crowding out much needed one-on-one time as husband and wife we are to stop and take stock of where we are and where we’re heading.


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Imagine a vineyard where the vines spread out in all directions for as far as the eye can see.  It’s impressive seeing the expanse of row upon row.  But if you look carefully the vines are lacking much needed attention.  The vine grower can’t possibly tend to all this – he’s spread himself too thin.

As the sun begins to set, he hears the Lord calling him to come and sit with him awhile.


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Let me still your heart.  Let me show you the balance.  Let me show you how to make the main thing – the main thing, namely ME.  As you set your priorities straight once again, I will help you be still in order to hear my voice.  I will help you be still long enough to reconnect with your spouse.  You both need this time to be still, for it’s in the stillness where the fresh buds of affection break forth for Me and for each other.

So, when was the last time you and your spouse were still together?  Why not pick a time and sit together and simply do nothing.  Leave your phones in the other room, turn off the TV, set no agenda other than being together.

Here is one of our favorite worship songs by Watermark that always helps us when life has become too busy.

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