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There’s also a date on the label, possibly indicating when they received the book. Blaze was 10/04/10 and the collection was 02/19/11. Alone with price, title, and the section it should be shelved in, I also noticed the collection had a location of “Amazon.”  While Blaze had all of this information printed on its label as well, it did not have the Amazon location. This probably means this store has some of its stock listed on for sale; most indie bookstores have tapped into the online market these days. My reason for pointing all of this out is that based on this label, the store must have a very good cataloging and computer system. Outline for a persuasive essay can help you with your paper work in college.

Outside of a greeting from a man behind the counter when I walked in, no one spoke to me on the sales floor although one man did keep wandering by while I was perusing the basement aisles. But I was here to spend my gift certificate regardless. Upon checking out the prices of lots of other books throughout the floor, my overall impression was that they were a bit overpriced. Again, I’m sure the value of the edition of many of the books comes into play here. I did find several paperbacks marked for $3 to $5, but lots of old hardcovers were $15 and up. I also found a book on John Adams for $50, but I did not take a look at any of the rare collectible books featured around the cash stand.

Clean and readable signs mark each shelf clearly throughout the store. The signage in the President section even had photos of some of the well-known presidents. I got a good laugh from some of the signs directing you to where things were, like the Medieval and Renaissance at the End of the Aisle. Are knights and gypsies dancing around down there?  For some reason, I immediately envisioned a Netflix commercial.

Would I shop here again? Absolutely! I could spend hours in this place and still not see it all. It’s clean, well-lit, and very well organized. The aisles are also nice and wide and I didn’t feel cramped at all. Pricing may be an issue for some, but just take the value of the book and its edition into consideration when looking at titles. This bookstore fits in nicely into the hip Tower Grove area which has lots of other shops, restaurants, and cafes that you can walk to.

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Comment by Phill Wagner on February 3, 2021 at 11:22am

 Either way, pain leaves its mark, and everything important that will ever happen to  you in life is going to involve it in one degree or another.


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