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Don’t Leave Yourself Out of Thanksgiving Gratitude!

Thanksgiving is almost here - that time of year when “get your gratitude on!” is the game of the day. And indeed, you do have your gratitude well in gear.


You are ready to express your gratefulness for your family, your friends, your job (maybe, could be a stretch), Pilates, football, the roof over your head, your pets, your new smart phone, the Macy’s sale, and lots more.


The only thing notably lacking in your list of “things I am grateful for” is YOU. Ah…


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Happiness Is A 5:1 Deal - It’s Scientific!

Your spouse says “You’re gonna wear that?!” Your child, in a fit of frustration, yells out “I hate you!” Your boss says “This’ll never fly. Where’s your creativity?”


Whether important or not, life-altering or just annoying, why is it that a single critical comment from your spouse, child or business partner hurts more than the compliment or appreciative words they offer? Why does that criticism linger while the compliment fades away almost immediately?




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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift: Forgiveness

What if you made this Valentine’s Day more than a day about hearts and flowers? What if you made this Valentine’s Day about expanding your love, taking it beyond whatever wonderfulness you now experience to something even more amazing?



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A Thanksgiving to Be Grateful For

You love your extended family, you really do, and the thought of all those aunts and uncles, in-laws and parents, cousins and various spouses and children warms your heart.


Until it’s time for them to descend on…


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Turn the Tables on Your Horrible Boss: Go from Miserable to Successful!

You’re positively miserable. Your boss is a walking criticism-machine, never a supportive nod or word of thanks, regardless of how long and hard you slave at your appointed tasks. Heaven forbid anything goes wrong, ever, for even an instant, because he whips out blame with lightning speed, excoriating whoever he deems responsible, which is of course, never him--always you or another of your equally miserable co-workers.



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Regain Peace of Mind: Trash Those Unwanted Thoughts!

You made up. The argument is long over; life with your sweetheart is back to normal. Except for that little nagging thought that keeps running through your brain, with the determined persistence of a hamster on a treadmill: “How could he/she do that? How could he/she say that about me in front of our friends?” Despite the countless times you’ve reminded your self that he/she not only recognized (eventually) that they were wrong for doing it (Yippee! One for your side) but also…


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Want Success? Focus on What Works!

You’re annoyed with yourself. Very. Downright angry, now that you think about it. You vowed last month you’d stick to your diet and slim down for the summer, and here you are, berating yourself over that double fudge extravaganza you pigged out on last night.


Which wouldn’t be so bad except for the caramel-vanilla ice cream delight you fell prey to the week before. And oh! There’s that whipped ream…


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Are You Eating Your Heart?

A car cuts you off in traffic. Worse than that, it zig-zags in and out of lanes, putting innocent folks (you) at risk. You’re irritated, aggravated, you declaim loudly what a fool this driver is. Where’s a cop when you need one?!…


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A Non-Waste of Time Team-Building Exercise [and yes you can try this at home]

You moan, you groan. Your manager has called one of his infamous “team-building” meetings, and it’s only the threat of getting fired that propels your butt out of your chair and into the meeting. What a waste! Sitting around doing departmental Kumbaya when you have piles of work marked “Urgent!” and “Rush!” on your desk.


So it isn’t exactly in a mood of eager anticipation that you park your unhappy self in the meeting room. Mobile devices are strictly forbidden, so you don’t…


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Eliminate the Fear Factor: 90-Seconds and You’re Out!

You’re up for that job that could be a career changer--you’re scared! What if you flub the final interview, what if you say something really stupid, what if the CEO hates your hair?


You’re dating a special someone you really like. You can feel yourself falling for him/her, big-time--you’re scared! What if they’re not who you think they are? What if they have two kids and a spouse in some other state? What if they’re just in it for the sex?


You and your mate…


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Want a Never-Ending Valentine’s Day? Rewire Your Relationship Brain!

You’ve been looking forward all week to watching the movie you had delivered magically to your TV, and tonight’s the night! You get comfy in your favorite chair, popcorn and soda at hand, and flick on the remote.


About a third of the way into the movie, you realize it’s awful! You don’t like the plot, you can’t relate to the characters, the movie looks like it was shot by a computer-illiterate third grader. What do you do? You turn it off. You don’t sit there, forcing…


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Want A Happier, Healthier, More Successful New Year? Become An Optimist

 The holidays are just about  over, your decorations are slowly making their way back into storage boxes, the euphoria of gift-giving and receiving has given way to the mundane “Here we go, another year” where you still have to make a living or figure out how to make it through the next month, where family is still – well, family – and none of your obligations seem to have magically vanished along with the holiday music.


Yes, you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions, and off…


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Peace in Your Heart for the Holidays

“Compromise!” Your spouse says. “We’ll compromise! We’ll go to your folks for Christmas Eve, and my folks for Christmas Day. That way everybody will be happy – your family and mine.”


Yeah, you think, everybody except me!


All you want is some peace and quiet with your own husband and kids. You don’t want to be running around schlepping tired, sniveling children from one household to another. But you also don’t want to be responsible for any in-laws (yours or…


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The Dog Ate My Homework: Really? Still?


Remember the good old days when you actually thought you could get away with “the dog ate my homework?” Or – updated version – “My baby sister deleted my homework with one swipe of her pureed banana fingertips”?

How well did it work then? Uh-huh. So why do you keep running the same refrain now? Because you do, you know. Only instead of trotting it out for your teacher’s benefit, you run it on yourself.

Let me explain. You really want a raise, for example. You really…


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Be Truly Human: Practice Random Acts of Kindness!

Remember the slogan “Practice random acts of kindness”? It’s been around for a long time—all the way back to 1982 or so. More often than not, it was dismissed by most folks as a cute New Age aphorism and has largely been forgotten in the years since. Certainly in our hurried, harried hyper-technological age, we hardly have enough time to accomplish our daily list, much less engage in random acts of kindness.

Yet, random acts of kindness are what nurture the humanity in us, prevent us…


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Angry at work? Have a Friends/Family Brainstorming Session!

Being angry and frustrated at work is its own special brand of misery. Why? Because you can’t lash out at the co-worker or manager or VP that is driving you nuts without risking the loss of your job. Whereas at home, you can probably get plenty angry at your teenager, your spouse, or your mother, without them banishing you from their presence forever.


More often than not, we just stomach whatever frustrations we endure at work. But that’s not good for your emotional or…


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Too Many Missed Opportunities? Power Off Your Smart Phone!

The courtroom is hot. The lawyer drones on and on. The jurors are bored. The judge is bored. His Honor’s gaze strays over to the jurors. One juror seems relatively awake. That’s because said juror is texting one-handed, surreptitiously, down by his knee. But his interested expression gives him away. The judge booms: “Bailiff!” The bailiff strides over to the embarrassed juror, who now of course can’t find the %^& off button, and confiscates the phone. The two minutes of excitement having…


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Step Away From The Comparison Game: Just Be You!

Harried, bedraggled, already late for work, you do your best to be patient as your kids scramble out of the car juggling school backpacks and soccer gear, when your youngest pipes up “Where’s my lunch?” Oh, shoot. In the fridge, that’s where his lunch is. You root in your purse, grab some bills and shove them at your child, “Sorry, Sweetie. Here’s some lunch money. Gotta go. I love you.” As you maneuver your way out of the cramped school drop-off area, you glance over to a sleek SUV, driven…


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Smile! It’s Good For Your Health

It has been a miserable day. You overslept, your hair-dryer died in a brief flash of evil burning smell, you forgot to get gas on your way home last night and had to wait in line at the pump this morning. Your boss has a new favorite (and it’s definitely not you), the team meeting dragged on for-e-ver, and you only got half your work done.


You came home to a messy house, the kids each doing their own “thing” none of which included their chores. You burnt dinner, your spouse…


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Tip Your Marital Scales Into Joy!

Your husband wakes up grumpy, stumbles to the bathroom, glances at your reflection next to his in the mirror, and says “What’s wrong with your hair?” You glare: “I slept on it funny. Good morning to you too.”

Strike one against husband: “Why do you have to be so unpleasant first thing?”

You’re marshalling the kids’ breakfasts, making their lunches, packing backpacks. Your spouse enters, clean-shaven, ready to go. He holds out his car-coffee-cup: “We’re out of coffee.” “So, make…


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