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2010 Marriage Resolution: Break Free of Your "Him-and-Her" Pattern Prisons

Ah, the joy of a New Year! The endless possibilities, opportunities to set new goals, to achieve new heights! To break old patterns that no longer serve you, like nixing the danish and choosing fruit, actually going to the gym rather than just donating your membership fee as if to charity, setting small goals you can realistically accomplish instead of goals so intimidating you can’t even get started.

So how about some new couple patterns? How about taking a look at some of the… Continue

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How The Silent Treatment Kills Your Relationship

Him: “What’d I do? Come on, tell me – what’d I do?!”

You: Deploying your most potent weapon: The Silent Treatment.

You know what he did. You know perfectly well what he did. You want him to figure it out for himself.

Why should you have to tell him what he did? If he doesn’t know, it’s that much worse!

You bear down. You can keep this up for daaaaaays.

I know you can, but here’s the problem: the silent treatment kills. Not him (that… Continue

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How to Enjoyably Spend Time with Your Mother in Law!

Him: “I gotta go visit my Mom this weekend. I’d like you to come with me.”

You: Groan. Moan. “Do I have to? I hate going over there. She’s depressing.”

That’s true, she is. She’s older, crotchety, and without purpose since her children are grown and her husband died.

She’s still his Mom.

More importantly, he’d like you to come with. You’re gonna do it anyway, so why drag your feet?

Why not say “Sure, Hon. Piece of cake”? Why not be… Continue

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How Do You Love ALL His Parts?

You: “He doesn’t pay the bills on time, he forgets to open the mail, it’s nuts!”

Your girlfriend: “All men are children, what ya gonna do?”

Except they’re not, and if you start treating your guy like a child, he’ll either bolt or turn into a passive wimp.

Not a pretty picture.

People are a combination of traits that fit together, a “personality style.” If your guy doesn’t pay the bills on time and forgets to open the mail, he’s probably a… Continue

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Forgive My Spouse During the Holidays - Now? Why?

You sit around the Holiday dinner table, each giving thanks for all the good things the year has brought. It may be tangible things, like the fact you still have your job, or that your spouse was able to trade in your clunker for a decent ride, or intangibles, that most of your family is in pretty good shape and you’re able to honor the Holidays together.

But after dinner, as you gather in the living room to sit and digest your let-out-my-waistband meal, and Uncle Ned says “Great… Continue

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