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Making Him Wrong Makes Love Depart

Him: Happy. “Hi, Honey – I’m home!”

You: Fuming. “You’re late. Now dinner is burnt, I’ve got a headache and it’s all your fault.”

And what else is his fault? Let me guess – the cold you caught because he had a cold, your getting in to work late that day because he was talking about something (who remembers what) which distracted you from getting ready . . . and on and on.

Wow. At this rate, you may feel forever righteous, not resonsible for anything that… Continue

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Can You Keep Those Little Things From Tearing You Apart?

You: “The bathroom light. He never turns it off when he’s done. Drives me crazy!”

Your girlfriend: “Bathroom light? Try wet teabags on the kitchen counter. Yuck!”

OK, so he isn’t Mr. Clean or Mr. Oops-I-gotta-turn-off-the-Light. Yes, it’s annoying. Yes, you’ve told him a zillion times, and yes you wish he’d get it already.

So let’s see – when he (or you) leaves this mortal plane, what are you going to say: “He never turned off the bathroom light” or “Oh,… Continue

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How a SMILE Lights Up Your Love Life!

You: Straight, serious face. “That’s nice, dear.”

Him: “Yeah, well OK. Whatever."

Smile! Let your Sweetheart know just how sweet he is in your heart with a big ole SMILE!! You want enthusiasm from him, a little passion maybe, then smile.

Your guy lives for that smile. He wants to know he pleases you, that he is still your Prince, your Knight in Shining Armor. Your smile tells him that bigtime.

Be generous with your smiles. Smile whenever you’re… Continue

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How to Fight With Your Spouse Like Friends, Not Lose Like Enemies

You: “We can’t move! I just got a promotion and a raise!”

Him: “If we don’t move, I won’t have a job at all!”

Stalemate. Nasty. Feels like a serious lose-lose. And right now, neither of you are budging. Both of you feel righteous: “Why should I be the one to give in here?”

But a house divided against itself cannot stand. This marriage hasn’t a chance unless and until you are willing to sit down and focus on a solution, instead of focusing on who’s gonna… Continue

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