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How to Be OK Doing Stuff You Don’t Like That Your Guy Does

Him: “Hockey game’s on Saturday. Wanna grab a bite before?”

You: “Sorry, Hon – I already planned something with my sister.” Mental note to self: make immediate Saturday plans with sister.

Ok, so you’re off the hook for this one, but if you don’t watch it, you may be off the hook for your marriage.

Say what? Yes! Marriage is about engaging in each other’s lives, not living separate lives under one roof.

You don’t like hockey “push, shove, blood, guts”… Continue

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How to Tell Your Spouse You’re Not Getting Enough of “It”

You love your guy. He’s a sweetie, mellow, easy-going. He holds down a steady job and does his fair share of the chores – well, most of the time anyway. He’s good with the kids, doesn’t get too ripped on “guys’ night out” and still remembers your anniversary with flowers. You know women who would kill to get such a guy, so what right do you have to complain?

You squirm. You sigh. You bite a cuticle. It’s just that . . . oh boy, how to say this? You want more in the bed department. Or… Continue

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How To Spice Up Your Sex Life with Variety – Outside the Bedroom!

You: “I’m bored. He’s boring. Our sex life is boring. Our marriage is boring.”

Your girlfriend: “Buy some lingerie. Get a sex video. Make a sex video.”

Well, you could do that. But not everything is about sex.

Really. Not everything is about sex.

When you’re bored in your marriage, it’s usually more about failing to engage in each other’s lives than it is in failing to engage in sex.

Variety is the spice of marriage, so get some… Continue

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Does Making Him Wrong Make It All Right?

You: Stomp. Scream. Slam. “It’s all your fault!”

Him: Throwing hands up. “I made a mistake! I’m sorry!”

He did it wrong. Again. Your mani-pedi check bounced. How are you supposed to look your manicurist in the eyes next time? OK, at the top of her head. Whatever.

And who knows what else you’ll bounce because ‘you-know-who’ balanced the checkbook wrong. Mistake? Ye-ah.

But let’s see. Does stomping out of the room fix it? Or blaming the whole thing on… Continue

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Need Your Spouse’s Help, Super-Mom? Here’s How!

Him: Feeding the baby. Badly. Pureed peas decorate the floor, his shirt, baby’s face – everywhere but the mouth.

You: Sigh. Foot tapping. Groan. “I’ll do it!” Spoon snatched.

Like you do everything already. Or so it seems. The man can’t even feed a baby, much less bathe it, diaper it, or do anything else to help you, and now number 2 is on the way. Move over, world, here comes Super-Mom!

Only Super-Mom is tiring and the whole Super-Mom thing gets very old, very… Continue

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Cheat-Proof Your Marriage!

Your one-and-only isn’t behaving his one-and-only self lately. He’s distracted, spends more time at work, on the Internet, everywhere but with you. He’s not that interested in being intimate – oh, he joins in just fine if you make the moves, but he’s not initiating things. You hear “yes, dear” more often than “sweetheart.” And as you get the kids ready for school one morning, it hits you – he must be having an affair!

You know you’ve gained a few pounds since the honeymoon, and with… Continue

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