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Win the Battle, Lose the Love

You throw the credit card bill in the middle of the kitchen table with a victorious flourish. Ta-da! You were right. HE’s the one who maxed out the card. HE’s the one who spent needless dollars on some foolish whats-it that wasn’t in the budget. HE’s the one who puts his selfish needs above the good of the family. HE…well, HE walked out of the room. Fine, who cares. You gloat happily.


Or SHE’s the one who drank all the OJ and didn’t replace it. SHE’s the one who can’t load a…


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Husband Resents Time With Kids

Why does your husband get cranky when you spend time with the kids? Why is he so demanding of your time when he knows you don’t have any!?

A woman laments: “I don’t get it, Mom, he sees me dealing with the kids – diapering one, holding the other back from hitting the cat, and chasing the third down before he runs naked into the street - and all my husband does is get home from work, plop into the couch and complain “We never go out anymore”?!” “Men are like that,” her Mom says… Continue

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Bad to Worse Day - Now What?!

Why is it that when one thing goes wrong, it seems everything starts to go wrong? It’s like you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and somehow it’s all downhill from there?

I’m at the vet, waiting to get my dog’s annual checkup – not his favorite thing,  although he likes all the face to face with cats, and iguanas and other strange beasts  – when a German Shepherd sweeps in, dragging his poor owner barely hanging on to the leash,  behind him. “Rex, stop,” she’s imploring, not that… Continue

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Is it Your Mood or Your Attitude?

The baby cried half the night, you couldn’t soothe her, the two hours sleep you got left you cranky and out of sorts when you got up to go to work. Or perhaps it was that tooth that’s been bothering you that kept you tossing and turning, or your mate who snored incessantly, or the neighbors’ partying that kept you miserably staring at the ceiling, until you finally took a sleeping pill and woke up groggy and uncomfortable this morning.

Then of course you had to rush to get out of the… Continue

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Episode 587: Loneliness Within Marriage

Even if you're in isolation with your spouse doesn't mean that you still can't be lonely. Dr. Karen Sherman joins to discuss how this is possible, what this means and how to address feeling lonely in marriage.

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