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Don’t Let The "Evil Eye" Wreck Your Marriage!

You’ve been together – oh, it seems like forever. Anywhere from six months to umpteen years. And somewhere along the line you’ve developed the Evil Eye.

You know the one. That critical look you cast on your Sweetheart, that has little sweet in it and even less heart, the look that says “How can you just sit there on the couch when I’m running myself ragged in three different directions at once?” “Can’t you brown-bag it like everyone else instead of wasting money on having to buy… Continue

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Romantic Marriage - an Oxymoron?

What happened to the romance in your marriage? Why is it when you look at your husband all you see is dirty socks to pick up and a yard that's not getting mowed?

It wasn't always this way. Once upon a time, not that long ago really, you used to be regular little lovebirds. You used to snuggle together on the couch, go for long walks together, spend long Sunday mornings being lazy together. Now it's work-kids-errands-kids-chores-kids, and just about the only thing you do in bed is… Continue

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Regret Not Having Kids

Why do you feel a pang of regret for those children you never had, that you always said you never wanted? Why do you feel a yearning for kids when you know they really don't fit your lifestyle or who you are?

I'm at the park, watching a bunch of kids play softball, and a gal sitting nearby asks her friend, "Ever wanted kids?" and the gal shakes her head: "Nah – too much to deal with as it is." "Yeah," the friend says, "But sometimes I wonder if I should have." "Well, you still… Continue

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Road Trip Hell

Why do road trips with your husband always end up in arguments? Why are you so aggravated by the simple act of driving somewhere with your husband?

You're fuming. Your husband insists on having the air-conditioner on high, never mind that you're freezing, and the radio station blasting rock-and-roll, never mind your eardrums. You repeat a silent "I will not let this prevent me from having a good time," but finally your patience ends. You erupt with "Will you turn that damn thing… Continue

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Episode 587: Loneliness Within Marriage

Even if you're in isolation with your spouse doesn't mean that you still can't be lonely. Dr. Karen Sherman joins to discuss how this is possible, what this means and how to address feeling lonely in marriage.

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