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Words Kill

Why is it the more you talk about how rough your life is, the rougher it gets? Why is it the more you say you're underappreciated and overworked, the truer it seems to get?

I’m waiting at the cleaners for them to find my favorite cream blouse with no help from me, because of course I forgot (lost? trashed?) the little ticket they give you. There’s a woman and her friend waiting also, and the woman is saying “Well that’s just the way it is. Life’s a struggle and then you die. “ “Still… Continue

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Too Tired for Sex?

Why does your husband get all sexy on the nights you’re most exhausted? How can he possibly expect you to feel romantic when you just finished wrestling the kids into bed and cleaning the cat’s throw up?

You’re wiped out, you’ve just finished your nightly chores – dishes, kids, pets, shower - and you crawl into the merciful peacefulness of your bed only to have your husband say “Honey” in that voice that means only one thing. You cringe. You think “I can’t, I don’t wanna,” but being… Continue

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Your Sister, Wonder Woman - Groan

Why does your Mom constantly compare you to your successful talented gorgeous sister? Why does it make you feel so irritable and hostile?

You’re shopping with your Mom. She says: "Why did you choose that? You should dress like your sister –she has good taste." You sigh. Mom continues: "You know, if you had a job like your sister's, you'd make a lot more money. You could afford to dress nicely." You say, through gritted teeth "Mom, I'm happy, OK? This is my life, not my sister's."… Continue

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A Sure Marriage-Killer: The War Between the Sexes

You glare at your husband over the kitchen table, the family checkbook held hostage between you. “Dryer!” you snap. “Carburetor!” he retorts. “Pay down credit cards!” you demand. “Put away for savings!” he insists.

And it’s like this all the time. It’s not just that you can’t seem to agree on things, you’re locked in battle royal over them. Whether it’s going hiking versus golf, seeing movie X versus movie Y, should the kids be in soccer camp or play baseball, no matter what the… Continue

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Husband Does Chores - Sort Of

What is it about men and household chores? Why is it that guys can remember every bit of sports trivia known to man, but can’t remember to mow the lawn or fix the doorbell without being reminded 50 times?

You really don’t get it. If you see something that needs doing around the house, you just do it. But when it comes to your husband’s end of things, the chores and whatever fixing he's agreed to do, he can go weeks ignoring the thing. He’ll walk by that same bag of garbage day after… Continue

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