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Would You Marry You?

You love Valentine’s Day, it’s such a blissful thing, to celebrate your love. But somehow, the reality of Valentine’s Day rarely lives up to your fantasy of it. The restaurant was crowded, he didn’t comment (or comment enough) on your new outfit, the five pounds you lost or the perfect way your special sparkly make-up turned out, and the love-making was, well, perfunctory, instead of the blast your socks off you had dreamed of.

Or perhaps, you’re single. And not just single, by… Continue

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Coping With Lover's Same Sex Friends

Why is it as soon as your lover shows signs of independent life, you freak out? What is it about your Significant Other having same-sex friends that makes you nuts?

I’m enjoying the late afternoon sun sipping coffee at an outside terrace, when the couple next to me – young, cool-looking, very hip - start arguing. “I have a life, OK?” the woman is saying, “I have male friends, what’s your problem?” And the guy says, “Nothing, it’s just I don’t think you should be seeing your male… Continue

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Evening News Jitters

What is with this anxiety you feel every time you watch the evening news? Why do you feel like you have to be on hyper alert all the time or else something awful is going to happen?


There's so much violence and crime in the world these days. Kids shooting kids, stalkers, rapists, drive by shootings, terrorist actions, murderers on the loose – you feel like you have to be scanning everything all around you all the time, trying to figure where the next onslaught of violence is…


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Hitched Podcast

Episode 587: Loneliness Within Marriage

Even if you're in isolation with your spouse doesn't mean that you still can't be lonely. Dr. Karen Sherman joins to discuss how this is possible, what this means and how to address feeling lonely in marriage.

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