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How to Get Around “The Game”

You: Third request: “I need you to fix the toilet. Please.” Foot tapping.

Him: Watching game. “Not now.” “Woo-hoo, go ‘9ers!” “Later, babe.”

The game, the game, the game. Oh, how you hate the game!

If you’re truthful with yourself, it’s not the game you hate so much as the fact that whatever you want seems to come second to the game. Every time. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Get that? Nothing you can do about it.

So quit… Continue

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How to Forgive a Little to Get a Lot

Him: Slaps alarm off. Pulls covers over head. Groans. Gets up. Is cranky all day.

You: Chirpy. Cheery. Up happy. Good mood tanked by his grumpiness.

Which you then take out on him by nagging at him, bugging him for this or that, finding him irritating, and both of you having a miserable day as a result.

You then conclude that your relationship is deteriorating and rapidly going downhill.

Not likely.

He got up on the wrong side of the bed.… Continue

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How to Put Your Put-Downs Down with Love!

You: “You really should get off that couch. You’re getting a belly.”

Him: “Yeah? And who put on ten pounds she can’t take off?”

Ouch. That hurt!

But you know the drill – what goes around comes around. You were critical, he criticized you right back.

Maybe you’re right, maybe he’s right too – that’s hardly the issue. What matters is how you come at it, with love or with put-downs.

With love is something like: “I’m having more trouble getting rid of these 10… Continue

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