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Women: A Coffee a Day Keeps Strokes Away

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention says strokes are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. So it's good news for coffee-loving women out there to find out that your morning Cup 'O Joe is actually offering more benefits than helping start your day. According to Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, women who drank more…


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What Are You Doing With Your Tax Return?

A new survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF) says 13.2 percent of Americans will spend their refund on a big ticket item. Knowing that no money is guaranteed in today's economy, 42.1 percent say they're going to save their return. Of course, many don't have the…


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Infographic Displays State of Marriage

The information, based on "The National Marriage Project" annual report, is nothing new in these graphics. However, seeing some of this information visually offers new insight into how our relationships currently tick. For example, saying that marriage is failing isn't quite fair. If you are financially stable, have a college degree and don't get married until after the age of 25, you are dramatically less likely to…


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Research Confirms Being Crazy in Love Just Gets Better

Bianca Acevedo and Arthur Aron, researchers in the Psychology Department at Stony Brook University in New York conducted a study of 17 madly in love couples who have been married for an average of 21 years. They each looked at a picture of his or her spouse while an fMRI scanned the brain. These brain scans were then compared to those of newly in… Continue

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Design Your Own Toy

Talk about a personal gift. If you have an upcoming anniversary or you're just looking to surprise your spouse, head on over to Made To Pleasure where you can design your own pleasure toy. Gifts don't get much more personal than this. You're able to click and drag little dots that will stretch and pull the dildo in… Continue

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Apps to Help With Your Resolutions

Yep, there's an app for that too. Getting going on some resolutions is the most difficult part. It's the habit that you're trying to kick as much as the food or smoking or whatever it is you're looking to change. It only makes since, then, that there would be a plethora of apps available, depending on your vice. Here's a quick look at what website…


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Quick New Year's Resolutions for Your Marriage

Not every resolution needs to deal with how strong your will power is or how small your waste line should be. Here is a quick list of things to consider working on in the upcoming year that will benefit your marriage. 


- Go on regular date nights

- Take-up a new hobby with your spouse (music, cooking, hiking, skiing, video games, etc.)

- Be…


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The Secrets to a Long and Happy Marriage [video]

One of our favorite marriage experts, Dr. Terri Orbuch, author and lead researcher of the longest running study of marriage in America talks with ABC News and reveals secrets to having a happy marriage.

Click here to order her book, "5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great," which is based on her… Continue

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Smartphones, Marriage Killers or Saviors

There are two news items out, one touting the positives and the other the negatives of our new always-connected smartphone culture. The first is a story from NPR where a couple finds that their iPhones have created a barrier between. In one instance, the husband… Continue

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Study: Alcohol More Lethal Than Heroin!

In a bit of an odd study, British researchers evaluated substances including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and marijuana and ranked them based on how destructive they are to the individual who takes them and to society as a whole. Most dangerous was alcohol—even more than heroin and cocaine. Marijuana was found to be the least harmful. Taken into consideration these drugs were analyzed on how addictive it is, how it harms the body, environmental damage caused by the drug, its role… Continue

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5% of Babies Have Social Media Profile

Throughout our youth we're constantly trying to lock down our identity. It seems that some parents are giving their kids a head start. A study by Internet security firm AVG found that 5% of babies under 2 have social media profiles, while 7% have an e-mail address. Some of these profiles are even created while the babies are still in the womb. What's more, 23% of… Continue

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Women More Likely to Die if Cared for by Daughter-in-Laws

This seems like a cosmic joke, but a new study shows this to be true. In fact, mothers would be better off taking care of themselves than to have a daughter-in-law look after them. You may be thinking, "Of course, they can't breathe with a pillow over their face."

In all seriousness, Japanese researchers conducted a four-year study where…

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Census Data Reveals Divorce Rate Based on Occupation

There's nothing groundbreaking with this new data, but according to researchers at the University of Radford, there are certain jobs that seem to be a curse on marriage, while others offer stability. The researchers used the 2000… Continue

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Inventor of "Test Tube Baby" Wins Nobel Peace Prize

For infertile couples wanting to have a child and not being able to, no one is more deserving of the Nobel Peace prize than British biologist Robert Edward. He, along with colleague Patrick Steptoe, developed the technique for in-vitro fertizilation (IVF), which led to the first birth of its kind on July 25, 1978. More than 10 percent of couples worldwide are… Continue

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Income Gap Between Rich and Poor Widest on Record

New Census data has been released showing that in 2009, the gap between rich and poor has grown. What that means is Americans making more than $100,000 a year (roughly the top 20 percent of income earners) received 49.4% of all income generated in the U.S.. For those below the poverty line, they earned 3.4%, meaning the ratio is 14.5-to-1—up from 13.6 in 2008 and nearly double a low… Continue

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How the Expiring Tax Cuts Affect You

If you pay attention to the news at all you've probably heard the back and forth over the expiring Bush tax cuts. What most are squabbling over are the cuts for the top richest 2%. For them, their federal taxes would return to the rate of 39.6% up from the current 35%. But what about the other 98% of the population? USA Today has put together a nice Q&A piece, with some infographics to help… Continue

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Couples With Sons Less Likely to Divorce than Couples With Daughters

Let's cut straight to the chase, parents of girls are 5 percent more likely to divorce than parents of boys. Moreover, the more daughters or boys added to the equation the greater the gap becomes. For example, if a couple had three daughters, their likelihood of divorce is 10 percent greater than a couple with three boys. This information has been around since 2003 when Gordon Dahl… Continue

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Women's Memories Last Longer than Men's

This will get some conversations going at the dining room table. The Mayo Clinic has done a study that suggests men's memories fail before women's do. The research was published in "Neurology, the journal of the American Academy of Neurology," mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is 1.5 times more likely to occur in older men than in older women (those older than 70).… Continue

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Economy Also Pushes Dip in Divorce and Infidelity

From the same report we mentioned yesterday published by the Center for Disease Control (click here), the data revealed that not only are marriages and births down, but so too is divorce. In fact, the divorce rate is at its lowest point since the early 1970s. In fact, the divorce rate per 1,000 married women sank to… Continue

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Marriage Rates and Birth Rates at All-Time Lows

The American family has seen booms and busts. Like the economy itself, we're currently in a marriage and birth-rate decline. In fact, since the economic downturn began in 2008, marriage and birth rates in the U.S. have fallen to all-time lows according the U.S. Department of Health and Services. It's a dramatic cooling off from the highest birth rate in U.S. history in 2007, when 4.3 million babies… Continue

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